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Collar Necklaces
Yummy Hot Coral Whimsical Collar Necklace
An upcycled collar necklace has a bib of coral, pink and raspberry frayed fabric flowers that are beaded with glass beads

Yummy Hot Coral
Whimsical Collar Necklace

The yummy hot coral, raspberry & fuchsia pink fabrics used in this flower bib collar necklace, are my current year's go-to colors, whenever I am designing.  This statement necklace is full of flower power. Its visual intensity reminds me of a fantastically bright summer day on a beach far far away from this very gray winter day, when I write. Recycling clothing and clear sparkling beads, this whimsical upcycled necklace, is laboriously layered with all sorts of ragged-edged chiffon, polyester, and cotton flowers, complete with stamens made of scrap cotton cords. It ties on with really long quilted ties that end with beads & flowers. Tie it high like a choker with a big bow at the back, or tie it lower to remedy a boring neckline. Its back is lined with a vibrantly striped light pink & fuchsia silk. 


collar necklaces

An upcycled collar necklace has a bib of beige frayed chiffon fabric flowers that are beaded with metallic copper beads.

Rags to Riches
Whimsical Collar Necklace 

I realize that some empresses are not as attracted to the bright WOW factor of colors that I am. For them, I offer an upcycled bib collar necklace in a monochromatic soft pinkish beige, not quite a "dusty rose", more like just "dust". It's still fun and whimsical, and its statement might be of the "shabby chic" category, with its piling of rolled, ragged-edge chiffon flowers, their centers beaded with metallic copper glass beads. Besides, I got my pop of color in, as it's back is lined with purple felt. For closure, it snaps together at the back to hug the neck nicely. There are a few snaps, so it's adjustable in size. The snaps are hidden between the fabric so if you are allergic to metal, it won't touch the skin. Handstitched, with no sweat or tears and its one of a kind, like you empress! 


Rags to Riches Whimsical Collar Necklace 
Graduating flower petals with stamens on a necklace upcycled from beige suede leather, green lace, and olive cord.

Leather Goddess
Whimsical Collar Necklace

I'm a nature goddess at heart. A Caribbean island girl to be more specific. To me, winter in the mountains of Asheville feels really really cold, but tedious work keeps my mind off of the bitter temperatures!  This whimsical suede flower collar necklace, I know doesn't look like a whole lotta tedious, but it's upcycled from a really ugly beige vest circa 1980 that was made with a lot of suede leather squares crocheted together. Cutting all the crochet threads and pulling them from the squares was tedious! I'm sure there was an easier way, but the circuits of my winter noggin were a bit sluggish. Anyhoo, my cold hands and I were thankful for the distraction.


From the leather bits, I patterned a variety of petal sizes, so that they would graduate around the neckline. Each conical flower petal is complete with wax cotton stamens upcycled from scraps of macramé cord. The stamen ends are knotted with metallic copper beads. The leather flower petals are backed by a yummy spring green lace that makes this a fabulous statement piece for another nature goddess! It's a one-of-a-kind, nonmetal necklace and because it simply ties around the neck, the size can be adjusted to fit your empress neck size. The ties also allow you to wear it high up on your neck, like a choker or lower, as a bib-type collar to accentuate a curved neckline. As always, your choice, empress.


Leather Goddess Whimsical Collar Necklace
Small googly eyes dot the black popsicle stick collar of a choker necklace upcycled from a black and white polka dot scarf.

Googly Eye Popsicle Stick
Whimsical Collar

I love the whimsical black and white polka dot energy coming off of this googly eye choker necklace. Upcycled from a chiffon scarf, a bag of googly eyes I found at the Goodwill, and popsicle sticks that I saved and painted black, this collar necklace is for a goddess who celebrates her inner clown with a ridiculous air of mock sophistication. It adjusts to your neck size with the long polka dot ties in a big bow at the neck. This googly eye statement necklace reminds us that when our sight is right, we would do well not to take ourselves so seriously, because no-thing is absolute or permanent, aka black or white. 


Googly Eye Popsicle Stick Whimsical Collar

Googly Eye
Whimsical Diamond Collar

"Diamonds", they say, "are a girl's best friend". I never really grooved to that type of medicine. Seems to me, diamonds would be something to worry about losing. And we ladies have so much to worry about losing already, like eyesight, hair, and hearing, to name a few. But, I wouldn't worry about losing this faux diamond choker necklace, with its wide fringed collar, not because it is made of cheap plastic, but because the scattering of googly eyes would keep a few eyes on itself. (Insert eye roll here) This whimsical statement necklace is upcycled from a strip of plastic party decoration I found at a job I was working some years back. It mocks fancy but is flexible.  Each bit of fringe, I cut by hand with a cheap pair of scissors. I've got the blisters to prove it. The size is adjustable having an elastic and Velcro closure. You'll feel marvelously ridiculous wearing it, empress, and you'll make people laugh and THAT makes ya feel like a million bucks!


Small googly eyes are scattered on the silver fringe of a choker necklace upcycled from a sheet of silver plastic diamonds.
Googly Eye Whimsical Diamond Collar
Small to large googly eyes graduate on a silver fringe collar necklace upcycled from a sheet of silver plastic diamonds

Big Googly Eye
Whimsical Diamond Collar

In my creative world of whimsical wearable art accessories, a cheap pair of scissors is a very important tool to have. My orange-handled pair from the dollar store helped me cut and upcycle a roll of silver plastic diamonds, into the ridiculous, diamond fringe statement chokers, that are on this page.  I like the graduating effect of the small-to-big googly-eye design on this particular fringed diamond collar. It reminds me of Erte's fashion designs or Deco-era decor. But, with googly eyes and well, cheap plastic diamonds. I know, there is a part of me too, that feels it to be sacrilegious to place the sumptuous Erte together in the same sentence with plastic diamonds and plastic scissors. But there ya go.  I did it. Call me a "witch". I don't care. 


Big Googly Eye Whimsical Diamond Collar
An upcycled necklace has a wide collar of faux diamond fringe and a blue felt heart, a purple flower, and a hot pink tassel

Happy Heart
Whimsical Diamond Collar

If you've looked through my other wearable art accessories, you may have noticed that I like to mix A LOT of items in uncommon ways. On this whimsical plastic diamond choker, I've stopped myself from my normal "layer upon layer" and kept it a simple look. lol. Simple, in that it is simply a blue & purple felted wool heart, with a fuchsia tassel, stuck on a plastic fringe collar, upcycled from that never-ending roll of silver plastic diamonds I mentioned previously. But It may not be as simple a concept to take in, for a normal onlooker. "Ridiculous" one might say.  Fun doesn't need to be complex, I know, and I tried to keep it simple as I said, but if you add a pink wig and one of my upcycled hats, none of your other clothing choices will matter. Simple. See? And then of course, if you found some silly hot pink clown shoes, that would be extra fun...


Happy Heart Whimsical Diamond Collar

whimsical collars

An upcycled natural straw collar crammed with yellow, pink, red and orange flowers, a fuzzy scarf and green leaves to add pizzaz to any old top

Golden Flower Bouquet
Whimsical Straw Collar

Work in progress!

Golden Flower Bouquet Whimsical Straw Collar
an upcycled collar that can be worn as a hat, of lace covered black straw with a beaded red flower closure in front

Red Flower Black Lace
Whimsical Straw Collar

Work in progress!

Red Flower Black Lace Whimsical Straw Collar
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