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Brighten up a blouse and your mood in a shabby chic upcycled fabric collar. It's a bib collar necklace with a thick garden of pink, raspberry, and coral flowers handmade from repurposed clothing and deconstructed flowers. The flower stamens are scrap cords knotted with glass beads. The whimsical necklace ties on with long quilted and beaded straps that cascade down your back.  A "show stopper" perfect for a colorful clown costume and goddesses embracing the wacky feminine.

Beaded Coral Pink Flower Upcycled Fabric Collar

SKU: nekckfb2
    • a statement necklace in a whimsical bid collar design
    • hand beaded 
    • upcycled with repurposed cotton & polyester fabrics, faux flowers, and macrame cord scraps
    • hand-sewn & beaded
    • approximately 9" long and 4" from neck to chest 
    • adjustable size - 13 1/2" quilted long straps, with beaded flower ends, that tie and cascade down the back
    • nonmetal
    • wear high on the neck as a choker, or lower on the chest to embellish a top
    • lined with fuchsia pink and white striped silk
    • wear for warmth and sunny pizzaz in the fall and winter
    • one of a kind
    • handmade in Asheville North Carolina, home of warriors of joy
    • from my upcycled jewelry at Touch of Ridiculous
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