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Paint the town wearing this eye-catching, deliciously whimsical googly eye collar necklace. It's upcycled from a black and white polka dot scarf and popsicle sticks. Each popsicle stick is painted black, dotted with a small wiggly eye, and backed by a satin ribbon for flexibility if you decide to dance the polka. A must have for a goddess embracing the wacky feminine...or a clown.

Black Polka Dot Googly Eye Upcycled Collar Necklace

SKU: nekckgogwd1
    • a one of a second kind
    • whimsical wiggly eye stick statement necklace in a popsicle collar design
    • repurposed from a chiffon scarf, popsicle sticks, and googly eyes 
    • 4 1/2" tall 
    • adjustable to any neck size.
    • comfortable chiffon scarf can be tied in a big clownish bow or just looped once to trail and flutter behind you
    • one of a kind
    • handmade in Asheville, N.C. home of joyous warriors 
    • read its story on my collar necklaces page
    • from my upcycled jewelry at Touch of Ridiculous

    Styling Ideas:

    • Upstyle a solid white or silver turtle neck or a scoop neck top, poofy sleeve blouse, or a short or long dress.
    • For added ridiculousness match it up with a black and white upcycled skirt and a pair of polka dot socks and top off your silliness with a silver wig and an upcycled hat.
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