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Brighten up a boring blouse with this collar necklace upcycled from an ugly leather vest and scrap macrame cord. Each beige suede flower petal is hand rolled with wispy green and copper beaded stamens dangling from their center. The petals graduate in size around the neck on green lace that ties at the back. For a natural clown or leather goddess embracing the wacky feminine. Handmade. One of a second kind. One size fits all.

Green Lace & Leather Flower Upcycled Collar Necklace

SKU: nekchfblth1
    • a statement necklace in a whimsical bid collar design
    • upcycled from used clothes, scrap cord, beads
    • 23" long including ties
    • 2 3/4" center front from top to bottom
    • adjustable size with green lace ties at back
    • handmade in Asheville N.C. home of warriors of joy
    • read stories about collar necklaces
    • from my upcycled jewelry at Touch of Ridiculous
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