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Whimsical Art Skirts


Upcycled Festival Skirts

At 58 years old, playing dress-up still brings me joy. My handmade upcycled festival skirts are whimsical wearable art accessories that will add a touch of ridiculous to any casual, every day or costume get-up. They are for goddesses who embrace their wacky feminine and who still like to play dress up too. 


One of a second kind, these sassy peplum and ruffle skirts are upcycled from thrifted or donated clothing and furnishing fabrics. My small way of reusing perfectly good clothing and fabrics from ending up in landfills. By perfectly good, I do not mean new. I mean perfectly imperfect with maybe some pilling or fading. They aren't meant to be serious fashion. They are meant to simply spice up one's otherwise normal outfit and add a little joy to one's day.


These skirts will add curves to your body, whether you're shapely or not, Think French courtesans or pirate wench skirts.  Most of them have hand-frayed ruffles around a - short in front, longer in back - graduating hemline. Some have no ruffle but are layered. Others have metal or rhinestone peplum skirts flouncing at the rear.  And some skirts have flat appliques added to spice up your derrière. Like bustles without the bulk. Crisscrossing or simple side ties adjust their size from small to medium*.  If you're small you can wear them at the waist or lower on the hips. Their sexy mini fronts can be quite revealing of legs and hint at nether parts, but leggings or textured tights paired with hot pants, ruffled panties, or a short crinoline, will keep a coochie covered. 

Layer over regular old jeans, cords, or bell bottoms, or, hint at olden times gone by and layer over a long hippie skirt and pair with a corset or bra top.  Add some earrings or a lace choker necklace from my upcycled jewelry collection and top off the ensemble with one of my upcycled hats. For an even more dramatic flare, match up these upcycled skirts with some of my other upcycled wearable art accessories like epaulets AND sleeves. And if you decide you're too shy to gallop about in public, embrace the wacky feminine inside and mask up with mystery, in one of my ridiculous Mardi Gras masks.

I've also made a couple of upcycled skirts with an A-line cut. All have ridiculous ruffle hems and some have appliques. And some are larger sizes. 

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