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Easily slip on this sunny yellow flower fascinator upcycled from a small serving basket and you're instantly coiffed and ready for a gallery opening, a cocktail party, or an Easter parade.  Cocked at a dramatic angle on a dark green velvet headband is a small, comfortably curved, serving basket embellished with all things "spring". Only you will know the wicker basket is repurposed with a touch of Christmas. Ornaments that is. A gold plastic poinsettia and some sparkling white tinsel, combine beautifully with the fabric flower, its nest of green leaves, the gold budding sprigs, and trailing at the back, looping spring green ribbon with white polka dots. Topping the whimsical hat off with a bit more sparkle, are painted bottle caps with purple sequins and, as per usual, a Mardi Gras bead. Forget the Easter candy, it's bad for you. Ask your honey bunny to hop on over to Touch of Ridiculous and buy you an Easter basket hat!

Yellow Flower Small Upcycled Basket Fascinator

SKU: hatstrbkt1
  • The woven upcycled basket on this one-of-a-kind whimsical fascinator is made of sturdy wicker. Its curved shape is form-fitting for a head. Angled to one side and slightly over the forehead, it is fixed on a green ribbed velvet headband, which makes removal and replacement of the small basket hat easy, even without a mirror**. Perfect for getting in and out of a car.

    The small basket itself and all its embellishments on this headband fascinator are repurposed materials and findings saved from ending up in a landfill. The yellow peony-like flower, the sprigs of perfectly imperfect gold styrofoam buds, and the olive fabric and gold plastic leaves were plucked from discarded floral wreaths;  The gold resin poinsettia, from a deconstructed candle holder, and the fluff of white and silver tinsel were once someone's Christmas treasures. The purple sequins and the raspberry bead inside the painted bottle caps - from Asheville-brewed Sierra Nevada beer bottles - were flower centers I made, left over from my first costume for the ridiculously joyful Asheville Mardi Gras parade. And the ribbed polka-dotted and knotted ribbons were scrap from mask-making during Covid.

    **A fascinator hat is a piece of sculptural wearable art, it should be treated as such. When picking up your headband fascinator, to show it off or place on your head, it is best to gently take it by the basket, with fingers underneath and thumb on top. Then when placing it on your head, hold the headband with a hand on each side. Avoid picking it up by one leg of the headband. Small bits of millinery wisdom that a new hat lover, may or may not know, but which is important to know, if your romance with and preservation of a hat is to continue with joyful success. 

    • whimsical basket hat in a headband fascinator
    • 4" x 6" small embellished wicker basket 
    • one size, easy on/off 3/4" dark green ribbed velvet NEW headband** 
    • upcycled materials and findings (read above), are thrifted, salvaged, and gifted. They have been deconstructed and cleaned.
    • a wearable "culinary" art hat sculpture for a goddess embracing the wacky feminine. 
    • perfect for cocktail parties, Easter, derby days, birthday & themed costume parties, holiday gatherings, festivals and parades, and theatrical and musical performances
    • artist signed label
    • handmade in Asheville North Carolina, home of warriors of joy
    • read stories about basket hats 
    •  from my upcycled hats  at Touch of Ridiculous
    • No Returns


    Styling Ideas:

    For a simple but elegant look, with a touch of silly, wear this basket hat with a cream pantsuit or a form-fitting lacey dress by day 
    or wear it with a black cocktail dress at night.

    For more dramatic occasions, pair it up with one of my upcycled ruffle skirts or a piece of upcycled jewelry. Peruse what is currently available in my SHOP, where the rest of my wearable art accessories are organized by color, and let your imagination run wild.


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