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Slip on this glittering purple flower basket hat and shine on, on those days when mood, hair, and outfit are questionable and you'd like a bit of sparkle. Upcycled from an open weave small basket, a flower with star-like petals covered in delicious raspberry-purple glitter, and purple and black puzzle pieces, this whimsical fascinator will surely attract uplifting smiles, if not full-on giggles. And nothing like a smile adds joy to one's day. The embellished basket is affixed to a black satin headband that is easy to take off and put on. And because the basket is slightly cocked, you'll look coiffed, even when re-crowning without a mirror. Embrace your wacky feminine, Goddess, and live the questions! 

Small Raspberry Flower Upcycled Basket Hat

SKU: hatstrbkt2
  • The upcycled basket on this one-of-a-kind whimsical fascinator is made of open weave wicker. Angled to one side and slightly over the forehead, it is fixed on a black satin headband, which makes removal and recrowning of the lightweight hat easy, for say, getting in and out of your car. 

    The small basket itself and all its embellishments are repurposed materials and perfectly imperfect findings saved from a landfill. The glitter-covered raspberry flower is made of an open net-like plastic. They look like poinsettias and, I imagine, were decorations for a fellow purple lover's Christmas. The puzzle pieces at the flower's center, are basically purple, but the darker color is puzzling and only hints at black.

    The headband is new.


    • a reversible whimsical hat
    • 4" x 6" small embellished open weave wicker basket 
    • one size, easy on/off 3/4" black satin NEW headband 
    • upcycled materials and findings (read above), are thrifted, salvaged, and gifted. They have been deconstructed, and cleaned.
    • a wearable "culinary" art hat sculpture for a goddess embracing the wacky feminine. 
    • perfect for Easter, derby days, birthdays, cocktail & themed costume parties, holiday gatherings, festivals & parades, and theatrical & musical performances
    • artist signed label
    • Handmade in Asheville North Carolina, home of warriors of joy
    • read stories about basket hats 
    •  from my upcycled hats at Touch of Ridiculous
    • No Returns


    Styling Ideas:

    For a simple look, with a touch of silly, wear this basket hat with a purple frilly blouse with a pantsuit or a form-fitting dress by day 
    or wear it with a black cocktail dress at night.

    For more dramatic occasions, pair it up with one of my upcycled ruffle skirts or a piece of upcycled jewelry. Peruse what is currently available in my SHOP, where the rest of my wearable art accessories are organized by color, and let your imagination run wild.

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