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Embellished with sweet pink-painted roses, curly ribbons, and silver leaves on one side and a dramatic purple veil on the other, this reversible and upcycled basket fascinator presents two looks in one whimsical hat. It is handmade with a small, repurposed serving basket fixed on an easy-on, easy-off satin headband, perfect for quick removal when say, getting into your car. And because the basket is cocked to one side, you can feel confident of a coiffed re-crowning even when without a mirror. A one-of-a-kind wearable "culinary art" hat sculpture for goddesses embracing the wacky feminine.

Pink & Purple Upcycled Basket Fascinator Hat

SKU: hatstrbkt9
  • The woven upcycled basket on this one-of-a-kind whimsical fascinator is made of sturdy wicker. Its curved shape is form-fitting for a head. Angled to one side and slightly over the forehead, it is fixed on a pink satin headband, which makes removal and replacement of the hat easy. 

    The small basket itself and all its embellishments are repurposed materials and findings saved from ending up in a landfill. There are glittering paper roses and plastic silver and green fabric leaves plucked from discarded floral wreaths;  a pink feather from a used mardi gras mask; and purple glitter balls salvaged from dead fairy lights. They nest like magical eggs in silver threaded curly pink ribbons, once a gift box decoration.  And finally, a violet-purple, soft fishnet veil made from a crocheted chenille scarf, that drapes to a point where a blue dingle ball dangles. 

    Two looks in one hat, the dramatic veil can be worn softly draped over an eye suggesting an aura of mystery when parading or making a grand entrance to a party, festival, or derby. Then, for a sweeter look and for practical needs, like eating, drinking, or hiding Easter eggs, turn the fascinator around so that the veil cascades over the back of your head. 


    • 2 looks in one whimsical hat
    •  4" x 6" small embellished wicker basket 
    • one size, easy on/off 3/4" pink satin NEW headband 
    • upcycled materials and findings (read above), are thrifted, salvaged, and gifted. They have been deconstructed and cleaned.
    • a wearable "culinary" art hat sculpture for a goddess embracing the wacky feminine. 
    • perfect for Easter, derby days, birthday & themed costume parties, holiday gatherings, festivals & parades, and theatrical & musical performances
    • artist signed label
    • Handmade in Asheville North Carolina, home of warriors of joy
    • read stories about basket hats 
    •  from my upcycled hats  at Touch of Ridiculous
    • No Returns


    Styling Ideas:

    keep it simple with a little black dress or pair it with one of my pirate wench upcycled skirts, some upcycled epaulets, and/or upcycled sleeves,

    accessorize further with a pair of earrings and a whimsical necklace in my upcycled jewelry collection


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