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This whimsical sea creature is a piece of decorative metal art. It is handmade with upcycled jewelry components, charms, and big beads in shiny and antiqued brass, and silver metals. She has a big brass bead for a head, like a squid, and a tail like a mermaid. Her bangs are a sea horse and her mouth and lips, a lobster claw clasp. The new, old, whole, and broken metal bits are wrapped together with copper wire. Sea Creature wiggles on a beige linen background framed by a black wooden shadow box. one-of-a-kind.

Sea Creature Upcycled Jewelry Metal Art

SKU: peep6seacreature
    • handmade whimsical decorative art
    • one-of-a-kind
    • upcycled metal jewelry components, charms, and beads
    • antiqued and shiny brass
    • copper wire-wrapped
    • Sea Creature: approximately 4 3/4" tall 
    • black wooden shadow box frame: 5" x 7"x 1 3/8" with linen interior and plexiglass 
    • stand on a table or hang on a wall
    • read stories about all my Whimsical Metal People Art
    • part of my upcycled art collection here at
    • no returns


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