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Embrace the wacky feminine in a touch of ridiculous whimsical festival skirt for goddesses.  Upcycled from a red and pink A-line skirt with layered red ruffles and an applique of purple and metallic gold.  Handmade, one of a kind, and imperfectly perfect.  Small. Elastic waistband. Cotton. 

Red Pink & Purple A-line Upcycled Festival Skirt

SKU: sktpkcot6
    • one of a kind ruffled a-line skirt
    • handmade from cleaned & upcycled cotton clothing fabrics
    • red, hot pink, and white stretch cotton skirt 
    • A-line cut -  18" long
    • wide waistband with elastic
    • 3" layered red ruffles 
    • size small
    • machine washable
    • Read about my upcycled skirts at Touch of Ridiculous

    Styling ideas:

    • looks great with crop, halter, corset, or bra tops 
    • For a touch of ridiculous dramatic flare, top it off with one of my upcycled hats,  a pair of upcycled epaulets,  or upcycled sleeves. Or keep it simple with a pair of earrings or a necklace from my upcycled jewelry collection.
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