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Easily snap on this purple fabric choker with a shabby chic, violet flower and dangling teardrop beads, and declare that you are royalty. A Queen with a capital "Q", embracing her wacky feminine. It is most definitely a statement piece of the whimsical sort and is upcycled from a sundress, a faux flower, and iridescent beads cut from plastic beaded curtains. It has an elastic, periwinkle blue ruching in a cross-hatched design that stretches to fit snuggly and softly around your high (ness's) neck. Its closure is in front, hidden beneath the poofy flower, for easy on and off. Handmade, one of a second kind, and utterly ridiculous.

Purple Flower & Teardrop Upcycled Fabric Choker

SKU: nekckfb5
    • handstitched whimsical statement choker 
    • all repurposed materials: the purple cotton fabric, synthetic chiffon flower with raspberry and violet acrylic yarn stamen; plastic beads 
    • elastic stretches to fit. extra small to medium. please write your neck size in the comments upon checkout.
    • approximately 5" tall 
    • for those with metal allergies, the metal snap is stitched between fabrics.
    • handmade in Asheville North Carolina, home of warriors of joy
    • read its story on my choker necklaces page
    • from my upcycled jewelry at Touch of Ridiculous

    Styling Ideas:

    • Upstyle a turtle neck or any scoop neck top or dress.
    • For added ridiculousness match it up with a pink or purple upcycled skirt, or a long skirt with a crinoline and a pair of tall striped socks, and top off your silliness with a bobbed wig in a complimentary color, and a whimsical upcycled hat.


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