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A psychedelic, chiffon and lace upcycled fabric choker for color lovers, so light lovely, and mesmerizing. Upcycled from a scarf and a purple top cut up and handstitched into a 3 petaled necklace light enough for a festival faery who'd rather be naked. You won't feel it, but you'll know it's there because of all the good ju ju comin your way. "Good Vibes Only" is the statement beaming off this delicious piece (peace) of wearable art.

Psychedelic Purple Lace Upcycled Fabric Choker

SKU: nekckfab7
    • one of a second kind whimsical statement choker
    • all repurposed materials: purple cotton crochet lace choker; synthetic chiffon colorful petals with lace ovals
    • approx 7 1/2" from the lace top to bottom of the center petal
    • *custom sized from 11" to 15" please leave your neck measurement in the comments at checkout.
    • closure: snaps at the back, or adjustable with ribbon ties at the back, your choice. 
    • lightweight
    • nonmetal - with ribbon ties
    • handmade in Asheville North Carolina, home of warriors of joy
    • read its story on my choker necklaces page
    • from my upcycled jewelry at Touch of Ridiculous
    • No returns.

    Styling ideas: 

    Upstyle any everyday scoop neck top, a puffy-sleeved or peasant blouse, or a sexy corset. Or wear it with any dress, simple or fancy, in a solid color.

    To create a more dramatic look or a full-on costume for festivals, parades, or holiday parties, go to my Shop where I've arranged all of my available whimsical wearable art upcycled accessories by color. Or the shop's collections - skirts, sleeves, jewelry, epaulets, and hats also arranged by color.  Sit back, take a look, and imagine the costume possibilities!

    *For the perfect fit, provide measurements in the comments section upon checkout. Use a measuring tape, measure the neck, where you'd like the choker to hug. No measuring tape? Use a string and then measure the string on a ruler.


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