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Connected with sparkling silver stars, these show-stopping hot pink and turquoise upcycled fuzzy epaulets will easily and instantly transform an ordinary outfit into that of a Sexy Clown, or a Garden Tart. And the added bonus of transforming smiles into full-on giggles. Handmade for goddesses embracing the wacky feminine. One of a Kind. Small to Medium.

Hot Pink & Turquoise Upcycled Fuzzy Epaulets

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  • Hot pink lace and fuzzy turquoise upcycled epaulets, with green and aqua teardrop dangling beads, are made from bra pads, a scarf, faux flowers, pinecones, necklaces, and a beaded curtain. The custom-sized* silver star and glass bead necklaces that connect the embellished bra pads, fit over your head and the epaulets cup your small or medium shoulders naturally. 

    The turquoise bra cups on these wearable art epaulets are textured with a shiny floral and hot pink lace. Fuzzy trim in turquoise crowns the wired edge of each bra cup with a ridiculously silly but regal air. The turquoise flower embellishments are made of synthetic fabric and pinecones painted in metallic aqua.  They have big fuchsia Mardi Gras beads or blue pompoms for centers. Green and aqua plastic teardrop beads cascade approximately 5" down the arm. The plastic star and aqua glass bead necklaces that connect the cups, is custom sized.*

    A conversation starter, these whimsical epaulets are artfully designed and handmade by Asheville artist Jennifer Dehner. Except for the thread, they are made with all used materials which have been cleaned, deconstructed, and repurposed, to sparkle on your shoulders, instead of clogging up a landfill.

    Wear them for festivals, holiday parties, costume parades, or anytime you need a quick, and ridiculously over-the-top transformation of character. 

    No returns.


    *For the perfect fit: measure between shoulders with a measuring tape. From inside shoulder bone across to inside bone on other. NOT outter edge! provide info in comments section upon checkout. No measuring tape? Use a string and then measure the string on a ruler.


    Care: to fluff up the flowers use a tea kettle and steam lightly.

    Styling ideas: 

    SHOP all whimsical wearable art accessories are arranged by color. Mix and match imagining the costume possibilities!


    Upstyle Everyday Wear: for goddesses embracing the wacky feminine wear on a tube, boat, scoop or turtle neck, top, dress, or a jean jacket. 


    Costume Character Ideas: Little Bo Peep, French Courtesan, Frilly Clown, Nature Nymph, Flower Princess, Garden Tart, Flower Floozie



    a fancy puffy-sleeve peasant or lacey blouse, a corset, or a velvet or brocade jacket



    a matching color crinoline, long taffeta or velvet skirt, or flare-leg pants.



    short or long, light and frilly or velvet, knit, or brocade 



    layer pants, a skirt, or a dress with a (sort of) matching pirate wench upcycled skirt

    Add embellished sleeves 

    or a piece of upcycled jewelry

    like a choker, collar, or long pendant upcycled necklace, and/or tassel, big statement, or puzzle, upcycled earrings. 

    And top it off with an equally clownish upcycled painted hat.


    Read stories about whimsical art epaulets in my story gallery at



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