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This whimsical dancing Eboo is a piece of decorative metal art. It is handmade with upcycled jewelry components, charms, and beads in shiny and antiqued brass, and silver metals. The new, old, whole, and broken metal bits are wrapped together with copper wire. Eboo dances on a beige linen background framed by a black wooden shadow box. one-of-a-kind.

Dancing Eboo Upcycled Jewelry Metal Art

SKU: peep8eboo
    • handmade whimsical decorative art
    • one-of-a-kind
    • upcycled metal jewelry components, charms, and beads
    • brass and silver
    • copper wire-wrapped
    • Eboo Being: approximately 4 3/4" tall 
    • black wooden shadow box frame: 5" x 7"x 1 3/8" with linen interior and plexiglass 
    • stand on a table or hang on a wall
    • read stories about all my Whimsical Metal People Art
    • part of my upcycled art collection here at
    • no returns


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