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A black velvet upcycled mask with a silver diamond pattern will give a fantastic face to your Pharoh, Priestess, Crow, or Harlequin costume for Halloween, Carnival, or Mardi Gras. Handmade using repurposed clothing, jewelry, and kitchen trash, this whimsical mask features silver-hammered metal diamonds stitched to the forehead. A long sweeping piece of the velvet fabric connects to both sides of the mask. Larger-than-life eye openings, dramatically accentuated by rhinestones, won't let you miss a thing. Like a traditional Venetian Carnival mask, the pearlized white painted nose is long. It allows you to easily push the mask onto your forehead with your thumb when you want or need to reveal your face. An elastic headband custom-sized to fit a man or woman provides a hands-free. secure, and comfortable fit. 

Black Velvet Silver Diamond Upcycled Mask

SKU: maskblvel1
    • one of a kind whimsical art mask for adults
    • 5"H  x 10"W - 4 3/4"L painted nose
    • handmade using cleaned and repurposed materials (see description)
    • lined with black cotton velvet 
    • trimmed with black lace
    • label
    • the perfect face mask for a Crow, Raven, Priestess, Pharoh, or Harlequin costume
    • for Halloween, Carnival, Mardi Gras, themed birthday or holiday parties, festivals, galas and parades
    • read stories about whimsical mask 
    • from my upcycled masks  at Touch of Ridiculous


    • Handle with care. Hold by elastic.
    • Clean with a feather duster. No water, chemicals, or abrasive materials.
    • Remove in wet weather. Cover it if caught in the rain or when near misters. If it does get wet, gently shake off water droplets, and set it to dry in the sunshine or in front of a fan on a low setting.
    • Stuff fabric or paper behind the mask and store in a dry place.
    • resting position should be face up. 


    • place over hair or wig and with the end of a comb pull wisps of hair out from under the elastic to cover the elastic
    • a simple costume - with a solid black cape, priest robe, or long gown 
    • For more dramatic occasions, pair it up with one of my black and white upcycled skirts and some upcycled epaulets
    • Peruse what is currently available in my SHOP, where the rest of my wearable art accessories are organized by color, and let your imagination run wild.
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