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Get a clue. The big, repurposed jigsaw pieces used to make these upcycled puzzle earrings are mostly orange but have colorful hints of the bigger picture. They hang from tiny but long antiqued brass chains. These whimsical and lightweight earrings are just long enough, and the pieces are just big enough, to detect that you have them on. As they twist and turn, the metallic copper of the painted backs provides a hint about life's true purpose. To shimmer and shine on, no matter how puzzling life gets. It's a mystery play after all. Handmade, One of a kind, and utterly ridiculous. Live the questions! 

Big Orange Long Upcycled Puzzle Earrings

SKU: earpz6
    • upcycled used puzzle pieces - big, bright orange with purple & yellow 
    • hand-painted backs  
    • lacquered for endurance, 
    • on 2 antiqued brass chains
    • 5" long, includes antiqued brass ear wire
    • one of a kind 
    • long wearable art earrings
    • gift ladies who love puzzles and life mysteries, philosophers, psychologists, scientists, spiritualists, curious ladies who rub their chin, ladies with autism or have autistic kids, and any other goddesses embracing the wacky feminine
    • handmade in Asheville North Carolina, home of warriors of joy
    • read stories about puzzle earrings 
    • from my upcycled jewelry at Touch of Ridiculous
    • No returns.

    Styling ideas: 

    You can wear these wearable art earrings with just about everything, and of course, nothing at all. Still, they'd accessorize one of my pirate wench festival skirts beautifully. Then maybe top the outfit off with one of my upcycled hats, a fedora I should think, because they are the style of detectives and sleuths, characters who puzzle out mysteries...

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