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Painted in a delicious combination of red, salmon, and Barbie pink, this tiny hat looks "good enough to eat". Upcycled from re-purposed kitchen trash, its round base and exploding crown of handmade flowers are dotted and edged with pearl white shimmer. So small that it fits on the palm of your hand, this brightly painted fascinator makes a big, one-of-a-kind statement whether cocked and pinned on your head or displayed on your dinner table.  From my wearable "culinary art" collection of whimsical hats for goddesses embracing the wacky feminine. 

Barbie Pink Flower Upcycled Tiny Painted Hat

SKU: hatriceegg2
  • This red, salmon and neon "Barbie" pink painted hat is a tiny and lightweight whimsical art headpiece that is sure to turn heads. It was fashioned out of a plastic bowl, an egg carton, a wreath, and scrap fabric, that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. The base and the flower bouquet I handpainted, inside and out, with acrylic paints and the small fascinator has been lacquered multiple times, making it water and scratch-resistant.*  The salmon, maroon, and white ribbon headband is scrap fabric from a sassy pirate wench skirt I am making. Fasten it cocked at an angle on one side of your head with a couple of crisscrossing bobby pins slipped through the green loops and your hair, wig, or even a knit cap.


    • one of a kind 
    • whimsical painted fascinator hat
    • 5 1/2 W x 5" H.
    • upcycled materials (read above)
    • green grosgrain inner hatband
    • secures to head with crossed bobby pins through neon green loops. Do NOT use bobby pins that have lost their coating.
    • a wearable "culinary" art hat sculpture for preteen girls to women
    • perfect to top off a Barbie costume for a movie party or Halloween. Makes a great Easter bonnet or derby hat, a themed or costumed birthday, festival, or parade party hat, and a stage hat for videos and theatrical and musical performances
    • artist label
    • Handmade in Windsor CA
    • read stories about painted hats
    • from my upcycled hats  at Touch of Ridiculous
    • No Returns


    Handle with care. Hold hat sides, NOT by the brim or flowers. 
    Clean with a feather duster or spot clean gently with a soft cotton or bamboo rag and a drop of water. No chemicals, abrasive materials or sharply pointed metals. 


    While this hat is lacquered and water-resistant, it is not necessarily waterproof. Cover it if caught in the rain or when near misters. If it does get wet, gently shake off water droplets, pat it with a tea towel, and set it to dry in the sunshine or in front of a fan on a low setting.
    Store in a dry place.


    Styling Ideas:

    Looks great alone with hair twisted up into a sloppy bun or, worn on top of  a colorful wig, or a feathered or knit cap

    Keep the silly look simple with a solid pink or colorful dress, pantsuit, or costume

    For more dramatic occasions, pair it up with one of my upcycled festival skirts or a piece of upcycled jewelry

    Peruse what is currently available in my SHOP, where the rest of my wearable art accessories are organized by color, and let your imagination run wild.

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