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Crown a flower girl or maiden who loves pink with this upcycled floral headband. A small flower patch made of hot pink, raspberry, yellow, and fuchsia fabric flowers, crowns a satin headband covered in hot pink lace, and fuchsia ribbon rosettes. This whimsical headband is lightweight and easy to slip on for a petal-spreading walk up a church aisle, or a joyful dance around a maypole, and in true Touch of Ridiculous fashion, it can also be worn as a choker around the neck.

Pink Flower Girl Upcycled Floral Headband

SKU: head1
  • This one-of-a-kind whimsical floral headband is perfect for the little girl or maiden who loves flowers and the color pink. A pink satin headband is covered with a double layer of hot pink lace and fuchsia pink ribbon rosettes. Crowning the top is a large hot pink flower from which a small flower patch blossoms. The patch has a raspberry flower at its center with tiny flowers in yellow and pink on either side. The center of the raspberry flower is a sparkling fuchsia styrofoam ball. Tufts of green fabric, glittering purple netting, and tie-dyed fishnet yarn sprout like leaves from behind.


    All the embellishments are upcycled materials and findings, saved from ending up in a landfill. The fabric flowers and leaves are synthetic and were plucked from discarded wreaths; the cotton lace and satin rosettes are made from used clothing; the styrofoam ball was salvaged from a Christmas display; and the purple netting and cotton fishnet yarn, are scraps leftover from custom projects.

    The satin pink headband is new.

    • whimsical headband in a floral design
    • 13" inside headband that expands.
    • one size, easy on/off 3/4" light pink satin NEW headband 
    • upcycled materials and findings (read above), are thrifted, salvaged, and gifted. They have been deconstructed and cleaned.
    • a wearable art headband sculpture for a toddler, a maiden, a princess, a flower girl, or a nature nymph 
    • perfect for spring and summer garden parties, weddings and gatherings, Easter, birthday & nature themed costume parties, festivals & parades, and theatrical performances
    • artist signed label
    • Handmade in Asheville North Carolina, home of warriors of joy
    • read stories about headbands
    • from my upcycled headbands at Touch of Ridiculous
    • No returns.


    Styling Ideas:

    Wear this floral headband with a lacey, flowery, or flowing dress or with a skirt and a peasant blouse

    For Mama, match it up with one of my upcycled skirts or a piece of upcycled jewelry. Peruse what is currently available in my SHOP, where the rest of my wearable art accessories are organized by color, and let your imagination run wild.

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