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Accessorize with this whimsical pendant necklace and embrace your wacky feminine. The olive, green, and purple big oval pendant is an upcycled trivet or,  a braided straw pot holder. An orange flower-embroidered raspberry heart bursts from its center with a halo of green and orange yarn. Bouncing on the bottom are more colorful felt hearts with pompoms and tassels, plus a couple of big coral pink diggle balls. The pendant hangs on a long thick rope of raspberry and violet yarn, that is soft and sparkly.  Wearable culinary art fit for a clown who cooks with heartfelt joy and a pinch of ridiculous.

Colorful Heart Trivet Art Upcycled Pendant Necklace

SKU: neckpot6
    • whimsical statement necklace: an oval straw trivet pendant with felt hearts and dangling big pompoms, hangs from a rope necklace made of soft acrylic yarn
    • all upcycled from cleaned and repurposed, thrifted, salvaged, and gifted junk.
    • one of a second kind 
    • handmade
    • wearable art necklace 
    • oval trivet pendant: approximately 6" wide x 8" long plus 6" of dangling dingle balls, hearts, and tassels
    • approximately 26", acrylic yarn, fits over the head
    • purple felt back 
    • signed label 
    • read its story on my pendant necklaces page
    • from my upcycled jewelry at Touch of Ridiculous
    • No returns.

    Styling ideas: 

    Upstyle any everyday scoop neck top, a puffy-sleeved or peasant blouse, or a sexy corset. Or wear it with any dress, simple or fancy, in a solid color.

    To create a more dramatic look or a full-on costume for festivals, parades, or holiday parties, go to my Shop where I've arranged all of my available whimsical wearable art upcycled accessories by color. Or the shop's individual collections - skirts, sleeves, jewelry, epaulets, and hats also arranged by color.  Sit back, take a look, and imagine the costume possibilities!


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